Sunday, January 29, 2012

BREWERY REVIEW: Emerald City Beer Company

I came to Emerald City Beer Company for a private Yelp event.  I had never been before and it was a bit hard to find.  It's located in the old Rainier Brewery building along Airport Way S in Seattle.

The parking lot is awkward and the place is a bit hard to find if you're not 100% sure where in the building you're going.  Look for the small, round green sign about half way down the parking lot. The tasting room is everything you'd expect from this area of town.  It's quite industrial and not super big.  The floors are concrete and there is a nice bar set up with some taps behind the bar.  The staff seemed quite nice and were patient during this private event.

For the private event, they only had their Dottie Seattle Lager and Betty Black on tap.  The black was my choice for the evening and seemed to be a dark lager.  I am not sure too many details since I didn't have my glasses on and sadly couldn't read their info sheets behind the bar that well.  It was average.  Nothing remarkable and yet, still quite drinkable.  The Dottie was also on tap and I tried some of a friends.  They refer to it as a lager, but it was more amber in color.  Once again, average, drinkable but not remarkable.

On a side note, I love their font and graphics on everything.  I also love they're in the old Rainier building.  I think I'd like to come back here another time, during their regular business hours, and give some of their many other beers a try.

Visit their site to find out more about visiting this brewery and tasting room!

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