Sunday, January 29, 2012

Der Blokken Black

I've had this beer a few times on tap at the brew pub. I enjoyed it and found it to be a nice stout, so I was excited when I saw them bottled for the first time at my local Albertson's.

I poured and it had a big head and I thought it was my pouring. Then I smelled the beer. It smelled funky. It was a bit sour and a bit off. I tried a drink and it was just so sour tasting.  

I was disappointed but after two sips and having a friend try, I decided the beer wasn't right. Ugh. I ended up pouring the glass and the rest of the beer down the drain. That was maybe my fifth time pouring something down the drain ever. I was so disappointed.  I hope this was just a bad bottle or batch, not a demonstration of how their beer will be tasting in bottles.  I will probably give it the benefit of the doubt and try picking it up again sometime and hope they redeem themselves.

On another note, I haven't been since I've started this blog, but I can tell you that the brewery is a great place to get dinner and beer.  Besides their own beers, they have a great tap list and their food is DELICIOUS!  Give it a try if you're in the Bremerton area.

Beer Advocate could use some more input if you've tried this one!
Visit their website, which is sparse at the time of posting.

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