Friday, January 20, 2012

Ninkasi Imperiale Stout

My first impression of this beer was "yummy."  I like the label.  The geometric prints make me happy and I feel like it stands out on the shelf.  That's a big thing for me.  If your bottle blends in, I'm not going to notice it or think to pick it up.  I also really like beers that tell me what kind they are on the label.  Bonus points for the fact this is a stout being clearly labeled.  

Random life note:  While getting this beer out of the fridge, I discovered the freezer wasn't as cold as it should be.  I *hate* that.  

While actually drinking this beer, and not staring at the label or swearing at my freezer, I found it to be a bitter at times.  In the end, I would definitely drink this again.  I don't know if I'd go on a hunting expedition for it, but I would definitely drink it whenever offered to me.  And the ABV was high (about 9.1%) which is nice.  Who doesn't love a beer with high ABV?  Really by the end of the bottle, it seems like the beer was that much better.

Here's what Ninkasi has to say about their beer:  Imperiale Stout
Here's what others think of this beer over at Beer Advocate.

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