Tuesday, January 31, 2012

North Coast Old #38 Stout

I always see the train on this label and get excited.  Really, this is not one of my favorite stouts.  I can't quite place why, it just doesn't tickle my taste buds the way I want it too.  I just burped a bit and it was a bit alcohol-ey, not beery.  The smell is just a bit off for me too.  Maybe it's a bit more bitter than I would like a stout to be.    And it sounds strange, but the smell and taste don't match to me.  That makes for a strange drinking experience.  Maybe it's the fact it's an "Irish Dry Stout" by style - maybe those just aren't for me.

Beer Advocate kind of disagrees with me.
North Coast calls this a Dublin Dry Stout.

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