Sunday, February 12, 2012

BJ's Tatonka Stout

Meh. I really kind of think places like this aren't exactly great. This location had an extensive beer menu but I feel like whenever I'm somewhere that is a "brewery" I should give their beer a try. This particular BJ's was in Southcenter Mall in Seattle.

When I was down in San Diego and tried their porter in December and wasn't impressed. I felt the same with their stout this time around. It was bland and almost tasted watered down.  I am shocked this is considered an imperial stout.  This was just terrible.

As sad as it is, I'd consider eating at BJ's again but I'd rather skip having a beer all together. The food here was ok but the service was lacking. However, I did try fried buffalo chicken wontons which may have been the best part of my visit here. I think next time I'll have a water, some wontons, and a pizookie (google it). I'd even skip the pizza as I wasn't impressed!

Beer Advocate disagrees with me.
Here's what BJ's says about their beer.

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