Saturday, June 2, 2012

BEER STORE REVIEW: Full Throttle Bottles

So Full Throttle Bottles is the first bottle shop I ever really shopped at.  It is located in Georgetown in Seattle, WA.  They sell beer, wine, and ciders.  Cider is a big focus here and the wine selection takes up an entire wall.

Erica, the owner, is a great lady and has worked really hard to make this place what it is.  She is great about keeping Facebook updated and sending emails out with their new beers.  For popular beers, they have a system in place (think Pliny the Elder) about how to get it available to the most people.

They have a "stamp card" program where after you spend $100 you get 11% off your next purchase.  The program has the option of an actual card you keep or they keep a running total in the computer. Bonus points go to keep a record of beers you buy so that they can help you find things you have or have not liked in the past. 

Check out their website for hours and more info.

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