Thursday, August 2, 2012

BEER STORE REVIEW: Europa Bottleshop

Europa Bottleshop is located in Poulbo, WA.  The town itself is cute and adorable and you should visit there, even if you're not going to the bottleshop.  The town has a Scandinavian feel and everything relates or tries to tie into that theme.

They offer a great selection of not only local and US beers, but a lot of international beers as well.  They are slowly expanding their selection and has great potential.  The first time we visited a few years ago the back room was nearly empty.  It now is filled with glassware, clothing, some wines and ciders, and extra beers.

If you do visit, I suggest going upstairs to Tizley's for some food!

Check out Europa's website for more info.

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