Sunday, August 26, 2012


With Washington's new beer and liquor laws, BevMo! decided to open up in Silverdale.  One day while shopping the husband and I decided to pop in and see their offerings.  I'd visited BevMo!'s while in Arizona, but we wanted to see what they'd have in Washington.

Really, it wasn't impressive on the beers.  It really seems they pick up close out beers and sell them at regular prices.  They had a fresh hop beer from 2011.  A few beers were seasonals from last winter/spring.  Their organization of beers is confusing and mostly by style, but not always.  

They did have an interesting selection of imports.  A few of their sale prices were good, but that's what you get for shopping at big box stores.  You can't mix and match six packs, so you're stuck buying 22s or actual six packs, which isn't always nice when you want variety.  It definitely won't replace my local beer stores.

We didn't check out the liquor, but they did have some great deals on wine.  It's worth a peek depending on what you like, but not a place to shop on a regular basis.

Check out BevMo!'s site for more info on locations and hours.

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