Friday, August 3, 2012

Harmon Brewing Rajah's Royal IPA

Smells quite different than the last IPA I drank right before. It tastes so similar to something I've had before but can't really place the taste.  It's got a slight banana taste, which leads me to believe it may taste similar to the last batch of Monk's Blood we had.  The beer is thick with sugar and malt.  Harmon claims this has 100 IBUs, but I didn't taste the hops in there nearly as much as the Hop Stoopid at 102 IBUs.  It's an ok beer and I'd give it a try once, but definitely not a regular one for me.  Also, it's seasonal so pick it up if you see it.  

Check out the brewery's site for more info.
See if it's distributed near you and what others think at Rate Beer.

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