Sunday, August 26, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Pike Brewing

This place is tucked away in Pike Place market. If you're coming to visit you should know the market is much more than where the flying fish and original Starbucks are. It's inside the area just south of the main touristy area

They have 3 bars in there plus a lot of seating. On a summer Saturday the place was super busy but we managed to snag a seat at one of the bar areas. They have not only their own beers as well as some guest taps.

They offer a 6 sampler of their own beers (pre-selected by them) for about $10. Pints will run you $5 and schooners $4. The schooners come in smaller pint-shaped glasses. They also do a sampler with guest and import beers.

They are decorated in all sorts of fun beer decor and items. Minus the crowds this was one pretty cool bar.

Check out Pike's website for more info on hours, location, and visiting!

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