Sunday, August 26, 2012

PUB REVIEW: The Pine Box

The Pine Box was stop number three on the beer tour of Capitol Hill.  This place used to be called The Chapel.  It was formerly a funeral home of sorts.  Bruce Lee was interred here and it is of somewhat historic note in Seattle.

My one, and possibly only, complaint about the place is the beer menu.  They have the brewer of the beer and then they have a column for beer name/type.  However, they don't always give you the style of beer which can be frustrating.  Thankfully, I was saved by the phone and could look up several beers.  

They have 33 taps and delicious looking food.  We didn't try any food, but the menu truly sounded delicious.  If we had more time in Seattle, I'd be going back to both try the food and get more beers.  It is a much nicer place than it ever used to be.  The bathrooms are still somewhat awkwardly placed by the front door, but I can overlook that.  This is definitely a place to stop on the Hill.

Check out Pine Box's site for what's on tap now, hours, and location.

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