Saturday, August 4, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Slaughter County Brewing Company

This brewery/pub is tucked away in a strip mall near downtown Port Orchard.  This, however, leads to what is an awesome view of the Inlet and the Navy yards.  As a matter of fact, this would be a great place to watch the Navy ships come and go and drown your sorrows if you happen to be watching your sailor leave. The parking right by the bar is a bit limited but if you don't mind walking a few feet from the strip mall, it's plenty then.

They did their soft opening yesterday, August 3, and have their grand opening scheduled for August 25.  They didn't have their own beers on tap yet, so I can't really comment on what they're brewing.  However, they had a great selection of local guest taps.  And by local, for once I mean mostly centered out in Kitsap County (or close by).  I believe they had some beers in bottles, but didn't really ask.  I did notice some of the kids in the place had Coke in the glass bottle, so I presume they are child friendly in the non-bar area and have some options for non-alcoholic drinks.

The place has a pirate theme to it.  And if you're wondering about the name, it's from when Kitsap County used to be named Slaughter County.  As a bonus, there were some folks there yesterday dressed up as pirates, which somehow makes it all seem that much better.  The space is quite large and has a pool table tucked away in a corner.  And they have  a little self made deck outside.  Essentially, they put some tables out in the parking lot and closed it in, but it's just perfect.  

To get a beer, expect to walk up to the bar.  At least at this point.  I hope when they open for good they get some waitstaff since on a crowded day (like yesterday) ordering from the bar can be frustrating.

They also have a decent food menu right now.  You can get a "pint" of peanuts for $1.  They clearly are aiming to stay as local as possible with bread from the bakery down the street and local veggies and their own dressings.  We opted to start with the meatballs (which had some creative cannonball name).  They had 3 choices of sauce and we opted for the Moroccan curry.  I expected it to be spicier, but it was still pretty yummy.  You can buy a plate of 5 meatballs & some homemade coleslaw (also delicious) for about $6 or a "cannonball" individually for $1.50.  

After the meatballs we shared a BLT.  The picture may not look impressive, but the rosemary bread was amazing.  I could have used an extra slice of bacon on the sandwich or two, but who doesn't want more bacon ever?  The sandwich was great and a nice size.  I imagine had the sandwich been all mine and I didn't need to share, it would have been fabulous.  The sandwich ran about $7.  

Their menu also includes some salads, other appetizers, and sandwiches, with a total of about 10 things on the menu.  Which is perfect for this place.  They clearly intend on focusing on the beers, but hope you'll stop in and stay a while and grab a bite while you're here.  They have some room to grow and some kinks to work out, but for a soft opening it was pretty impressive.  I'm only sad that we won't be living in Port Orchard long enough to really enjoy this place.  Hopefully we'll make it back for their grand opening and get to try their own brews!

Check out their facebook page here for more info.

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