Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Euclid Hall

We came here after hearing nothing but great things about the food and pickles at Euclid Hall.  We walked in and had a short wait.  We were sat in a table that quickly was miserable due to the sun coming through the window and were moved to another table once we asked.  

We placed a beer order and food order with our server.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And eventually we were brought beers.  And then we waited more.  

The first item we ordered - the pickle sampler - arrived after a bit.  The pickles were pretty good.  The hop infused, the main reason we made this pickle journey, was ok.  Overall, the pickle platter was definitely worth the $5 and if I were more hungry, I probably could have eaten one myself.  Then again, I do love me some pickles.

Next up was the Duck Confit Poutine.  It was amazing.  And delicious.  And possibly one of the best poutines I've ever had.  I'd definitely suggest trying a poutine while you're here.

However, the big problem I had here was with the service.  I understand they were busy, but we had to get up, walk to the bar, flag someone down, and then wait a few minutes before someone would bring us our check.  Thank goodness we had cash or else I'm certain we would have been sitting there another 10-15 minutes just waiting for change.  I think our two beers (we would have ordered more but nobody ever came back to ask us if we wanted anything else) and our 2 little plates took us nearly 1.5 hours.  In that time we maybe saw a serve 2-3 times (once to take the orders, to drop off the beers, and then again to drop off food).  Their food is delicious, but the service we had was atrocious.

Check out Euclid Hall's site for more info on location, hours, and full menu options.

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