Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Falling Rock Taphouse

You can find Falling Rock in Denver, Colorado.  They have a full food menu and most importantly over 75 beers on tap and another 130 in bottles.  They sort their menu by style and local to CO and everywhere else in the country.  I like this organization of the menu as it was easy to drink local.

They have a full menu of food and sandwiches.  We tried an appetizer, but I presume the rest of the food was good since we were there during lunch hour and some people came in just to eat, not to drink.  The stuffed mushrooms were delicious and their dipping sauces were great.

The decor of the restaurant is beer bottles and taps everywhere.  There is a single unisex bathroom on the main floor, but you can find more restrooms downstairs.  You'll also find a private party room and some bar games down there too.

I highly suggest you check this place out if you're ever in Denver.  Check out their website for full details!

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