Saturday, September 8, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Holy Grale

This place was a top choice in Louisville when we stopped here.  Not only did we hear they had great beer, we heard they had delicious food.  Located in what looks like an old church, you'd easily walk by it if you did not know what you were looking for.  We sat out back on the patio and enjoyed the ambiance and hop vines growing. 

We started off with the pickle plate, which had no pickles that you'd think of and instead several different pickled items.  They were all delicious and interesting.  It came with an accompaniment of bread to go with it.  Overall, the dish was fresh and pleasant.

Then we decided to try the scotch quail eggs.  Neither my husband or I have ever really enjoyed a scotch egg, but these were great.  The inside was done perfectly and whatever was on the outside was great.  The sauce that came with it was just the perfect amount and not smothering to the egg.

We ended the meal with a chicken apple brat.  It was on a pretzel bun, which is the real reason I decided to order it.  The bun was great and the brat was too.  There were fresh toppings on it and overall it was wonderful.

Our experience at Holy Grale was pretty good and we enjoyed ourselves.  The servers were attentive, but not overly friendly.  The service itself was perfectly fine though.  Definitely a place to try out!

Check out Holy Grale's website for more information on location and hours.

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