Saturday, September 1, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Montana Ale Works

My husband had traveled through Bozeman and dined here before, so when a cross-country trip had us driving through the area, he insisted we eat dinner at Montana Ale Works.  It was one of the few places on our trip he insisted we make it to.  After trying it out with him, it's a place I would feel the same way about.  They have great taps, including several local brews, and delicious food to pair with them.  The atmosphere is pretty mixed and you'll find everyone from college students to families to older folks enjoying this place.  The day we came the power had been out for a few hours that afternoon due a to a thunderstorm so there was a short wait.  I'm not sure if a wait is normal at this place, or if it had to do with their backup from the storm.

We started our meal with bison potstickers.  They were delicious and came in a sauce which made them even better; however, they would have been fine without any sauce as well.  The bison was a nice change from the usual and added a lot of flavor.

Next came some potato and celery soup.  It was pretty solid and what you'd expect from a soup.  It was creamy and the croutons in it were quite delicious.

The hubby and I shared two different plates for dinner - which is what we tend to do when trying out new places.  First up was the bison patty melt.  It was one of the better patty melts I've had in my life and, once again, the bison was an interesting twist.  

The best part of the meal though was the grass fed beef.  It was over the top delicious.  I don't think I've ever had a steak as tasty as this one.  The husband and I nearly had a fork and knife war over it.  I believe it was on their "fresh sheet" of sorts, so it may not always be on the menu, but trust me it's worth the price if it is.  The gorgonzola mashed potatoes it came with were also quite delicious.  It came with vegetables which was really 4-6 small carrots and 2-4 pieces of asparagus, which may have been the only disappointing part of this meal.  

Overall, the service was great and attentive.  The food was delicious and their beer selection was top notch.  It's definitely a place I suggest you check out.

Check out their website for hours, menus, and more information.

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