Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We stopped in here for dinner when we couldn't get dinner at our originally planned location.  We had intended to swing by for a beer, but ended up with food and a beer instead.  The place is fully British themed and cute.  I really loved the decor.

The beers we tried were ok.  They weren't quite the style we like, so that was working against them from the start.  However, if you're active duty military, be sure to let them know and they'll buy your first pint.  

The husband went with the Ploughman's Platter.  He said the meats on the platter were more like deli meats than usual and the platter seemed a bit small compared to other places.

I went for the Salisbury's Wimpy (see picture above).  Essentially an open faced cheeseburger, it definitely required a knife and fork to eat.  The bun was hidden beneath a ton of cheese and gravy.  The sauteed mushrooms and were tasty and overall I was quite satisfied and full after eating this dish.

We finished off the meal with a slice of delicious chocolate cake for dessert.  The service was friendly while we were there and overall it was a decent place to grab some grub and a pint (especially if you like the style of the beer).

Visit their website for more info on location, hours, menu, and more!

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