Saturday, September 8, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Sergio's World Beers

Sergio's World Beers is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  Honestly, if you're anywhere within driving distance this place may be worth your trip.  I love, love, loved this place.  I could imagine if I lived in Louisville I'd become a regular here.  They brag to have over 1000 beers and I'm quite certain they do.

According to their website, there are 43 taps and 1417 bottles of beer.  Those are different types of beer too.  One of the best parts of this place is you can buy a bottle and sit down and drink it there.  There are coolers upon coolers of beer.  And the tap list is long and you really may need to spend some serious time considering which beers to pick from.  Oh, and be sure to get yourself a taxi since it'll be hard to not just keep picking great beers.

The service here is hit or miss.  We had a terrible time ordering and one time the guy forgot he was pouring my beer and wandered off for like 10 minutes.  Either way, I would still go to this place for the selection.

While there we ordered the chili wontons and they were pretty good (pictured above).  We also had the Sergio's special burrito.  Nothing special, but we weren't here for food.  We were here for the beer.  And the beer definitely came through.  They do have an ok food menu though so you can have some solid sustenance while you enjoy your liquid diet.  

Know that Sergio's isn't easy to find and you will probably walk by it a time or two before you find it the first time here.  Don't be discouraged though, it's worth doing the hunting for. 

Check out Sergio's website for more info on hours, location, etc.
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