Thursday, November 15, 2012

BREWERY REVIEW: River North Brewery

The husband and I stopped in here on our beer tour of Denver upon the recommendation of a friend and several local bartenders and people we met at other breweries.  Since they were somewhat new, nobody was quite sure of their hours, but we decided to try anyway and luckily for us, they were open.  It was a warm day so the all the doors/windows were open and it was quite an open feel to the sidewalk.  The tasting room is somewhat small with maybe 20 seats, but that was plenty as there were only 2 other folks in there with us.  If it was a crowded day though, I could see this quickly becoming standing room only. 

The beers were listed up on a chalk board and the bartender was really well informed about the beers, the brewing process, and any other questions you may have about them.  He talked a lot of "shop" with my husband and used the big window to point out the brewing system and the changes they were doing.  The beers we sampled here were very good and both my husband and I were impressed for a newer brewery at the quality.  Overall, this is a great place to stop if you're in Denver and love beer.

Check out their website for hours and other information!

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