Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PUB REVIEW: Doyle's Cafe

We were out in Boston and did the Sam Adams tour.  After the tour, they have a trolley that takes you to Doyle's, the first place Sam Adams was served.  If you take the tour, be sure to keep your ticket and then when you get to Doyle's you can keep the glass your beer comes in.  And really, they realize you may not want to walk around with a dirty glass so after you pay you can take your dirty glass up to the bar and exchange it for a clean glass.  Nice.

I expected them to be super busy on a Friday afternoon with Sam Adams tour after Sam Adams tour showing up at the place.  But really, they handled the crowd well.  A quick wait (mostly the time it took the host to take each group to a table) we were seated.  A waitress came over quickly and took our orders.  Our food arrived in a pretty prompt manner.

The husband went for the German plate (pictured above).  He was pretty satisfied with it and ho real complaints.   The french fries were delicious and definitely tasty steak fries.

Upon suggestion of the people working at Sam Adams, I went for the French Dip (see above).  I was happy with it and scarfed it down quickly.  The husband had to fight me for a bite of it.  Definitely something to get.

Check out their website page for more info.

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