Sunday, February 12, 2012

Redhook Blueline Series Down Under Stout

Redhook is somewhat local.  Their brewery is up in Woodinville.  I've been there.  I went to ExBEERience there in 2011.  We ate in their restaurant.  I didn't enjoy it.  Thus, I am going to probably rate this lower based solely on my feeling of the brewery.

The beer was bought earlier in the night and was not super cold and I was not impressed with this beer.  It smelled like a generic Redhook beer.  I find they must either use the same generic hops or malts or combination and that a lot of their beers taste the same.  I was really underwhelmed.  I think I feel the same way about Redhook as I do about BJ's.  They are just another mass brewery trying to be too big and their beer quality has suffered.

Beer Advocate definitely needs more reviews!

Here's a Red Hook's site on the Blueline series, though it seems they rotate through the different beers in the series so you may not find this one on their site.

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