Saturday, June 2, 2012


Slippery Pig is a brewery located in Poulsbo, Washington.  If you're looking to go here, put the address in your GPS and follow it.  Don't be afraid that you are driving through woods on a dirt road.  You are headed in the right direction.  

This brewery is on a real, working farm.  The owner's family has owned the land for a while and he lives in the farmhouse here with his wife.  You will find dogs and occasionally a chicken wandering around the property.  As a result, parking is limited and the bathroom is a port-a-potty in the parking lot.  You can also expect to sit outside, rain or shine, and enjoy your brew with other locals.

A lot of their brews are made with things source off their farm.  It's pretty cool and as a result they do a lot of interesting beers (lemongrass, kale, rhubarb).  You can even buy farm fresh eggs here, probably laid by a chicken walking around your ankles.  Food items are limited to nuts and chips and salsa, but in the summer they make a BBQ available if you want to bring your meat.

The owner, who wears a kilt, is usually found behind the bar or working somewhere nearby.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  The place is family friendly and they usually have one of their own sodas on tap as well.  

If you're in the area, this is definitely a brewery to check out.  They don't bottle and distribute limited in kegs so you won't find their beer many other places than at the brewery itself.  They do have growler fills available for most of their beers and occasionally a guest tap with another local beer.

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You can check out Slippery Pig's website but they are limited in their info.  You can also find them on facebook.

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