Saturday, June 30, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Brown's Brewing

My sister-in-law had her rehearsal dinner at Brown's Brewing, also known as Troy Pub & Brewery, in Troy, NY.  The venue was pretty awesome and we were in a private area, so it's a bit hard to comment on the actual restaurant/pub area.  Toward the end of the evening we wandered out back onto the patio and I was surprised - it was packed (given it was a Friday night), but after being so secluded I didn't realize.  

The staff was extremely friendly and get major props for making my step-daughter a grilled cheese sandwich during a buffet style dinner since she didn't like anything at all that was served.  I, however, loved the food.  They had a chicken dish that was great.  The bartender was quick and ready to help people pick out beers they'd like if they weren't sure.  

While there, I tried three of their beers.  The first was the IPA.  It was good, but not nearly as hoppy as beers I'm used to in the PNW.  The brown was pretty good too, but somewhat unremarkable, but then again I'm not a big brown fan.  Lastly, was their whiskey porter.  It was boozy and delicious.  I was floored with how good it was and would definitely come back here for that beer.  

Check out the brewery's site for more info.
See some info about their beers Rate Beer.

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