Sunday, August 26, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Clever Dunnes

Clever Dunnes was stop number five on the Capitol Hill beer stumble.  I have drank at this bar several times.  I don't know if I've ever really started here sober.  They have food, but honestly, I've never had it...not even the fries.  

The place is always a bit shady and dirty feeling.  There is a table in the corner by the windows that I love.  First, you can people watch as they get in and out of the cabs on the street.  Second, you can open windows on two sides of you in case you're hot.  And lastly, the little podium is not quite flush with the wall.  The chair legs can fit between the podium and the wall.  If the leg of the chair happens to slide in there while the window is open, you just may fall out.  Just what ever bar needs.  

Check out Clever Dunne's site for hours, location, and more info.

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