Friday, August 3, 2012

PUB REVIEW: Silver City Brewery

So Silver City is unique in Kitsap County.  It's kind of taken off completely in the past few years, or so it seems.  They now have two locations.  

The first location is in Bremerton and is just a tap room.  It seems they've moved a large part of their brewery operation here.  The place is kind of tucked away and has a parking lot of about 8 spots, but with ample street parking nearby if needed.  The front room has a bar with a couple of stools and a big open area.  Along the wall is a "leaning spot."  There is a second room with about 6 tables and seating for maybe 20 people tops.  On IPA Day they were crowded and it was standing room only.  They offer peanuts for $3 or you can bring your own food in.  Those are all your options.  They offer growler fills, sell their bottled beer, and have a small selection of clothing.  

Check out the taproom's website for vital info

Silver City's other location is in Silverdale and pretty much an out-building in the parking lot of Kitsap Mall.  They have recently renovated the inside of the building to add more seating and a bigger bar area and take out some of the brewery equipment.  This place always seems to be hoppin' and you can expect a wait for a seat on Fri & Sat nights.  They have a full menu of standard fare - sandwiches, appetizers, pizzas, salads, etc.  They also have a "fresh" sheet that rotates about monthly.  Silver City offers pretty good food (I suggest the spicy chicken nachos), but sometimes consistency can be a problem.  The prices on the food are a bit frustrating sometimes - their appetizers generally cost as much as an entree - but if you're sharing and just sipping some beer, it's not so bad.  You'll also find rotating guest taps at the restaurant.  

Or you can find out more about the restaurant and brewery here.  

The beers themselves are pretty good.  I've had a variety of their beers (though the blog may not reflect that).  Some are not my favorite, mostly due to style but generally enjoy others (Porter and Scotch Ale).  They offer seasonals, which I've been less than impressed with (try the Ziggy Zoggy, yick).  

Overall, I've been impressed with this brewery and I'd definitely give them a try.  They're a go-to place for me here in Kitsap!

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